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Inspiring people to embrace their inner pastry chef and create restaurant-worthy desserts in the comfort of their own home. With our online, interactive classes, follow alongside Katelin as she walks you through the step-by-step processes to create professional quality pastries that will leave all of your friends and family drooling!

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I was attempting to learn how to bake Macarons and wasn’t quite getting it on my own. Katelin taught me virtually, step by step. Since then I have had dozens and dozens of perfect batches. Her years of experience being a pastry chef and her passion for teaching others really shows in her lessons.

Alicia Lehmann

When you want to learn from the best and have them there guiding you every step of the way, an online course is the answer. Katelin is here sharing her years of expertise and joy for all things baked. With her 14 years of professional experience, Katelin teaches with enthusiasm and gentle, caring direction.

Cathie Allan