Katelin Bland

Katelin MacaronHi! I’m Katelin Bland. I am obsessed with sprinkles, believe that cake is a perfectly acceptable substitute for breakfast, and if it’s not already obvious…I love sugar!!

When I was a little girl, my most prized possession was my EasyBake Oven. Even when I ran out of the packages of miniature cake mix, I would get creative and find a way to whip something up…often with disastrous results (powdered grape juice and milk do NOT make for a good cake!).

I was the kid who collected cookbooks and would read them like most kids would read Goosebumps. So it wasn’t a big surprise to anyone when I enrolled in culinary school after graduation. I was a student at SAIT, taking part in both the Professional Cooking and Baking & Pastry Arts programs. After graduating in 2010, I worked at a variety of businesses and restaurants across Alberta and British Columbia, as well as pop-up dinners in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the one-and-only New York City!

Katelin’s Kitchen began as an offer to help teach a neighbour about macarons, and quickly evolved from there. I always knew that I wanted to teach someday, and am so excited to get to share my years of knowledge with you! These online classes are an opportunity for me to demonstrate some of the professional tips and tricks that I have learned in my career, share my favourite recipes, as well as allow you the chance to ask me any questions that come to mind (YES, I really can’t pronounce the words cinnamon or strawberry!). So pull out that apron, preheat your oven, and remember…

Life is what you bake it!

Xo Katelin